Mat Pilates – Spiritual

Dimension: Spiritual
Date: Monday, Feb 13
Activity: Attend Mat Pilates

On Monday I attended mat pilates at the Wellness Center from 3:00pm until 3:45pm.  This marks the third week I’ve attended this class, and I LOVE it!  I have practiced pilates off and on for about four years now, and have always enjoyed it.  I also practice yoga sporatically and enjoy that as well, but I love how pilates can helps you to center yourself all while giving you a nice muscle burn, which I don’t always receive from yoga.

The class is taught by a student on campus who is very familiar with pilates as an exercise.  She puts in an extra effort to get to know the participants in class and lets us go at our own pace, but always makes sure to push us as well.  I can tell she really enjoys teaching because the 45 minutes fly by and she’s still wishing we could do more!

Pilates allows me to calmly collect my thoughts and offers a break to my busy days.  My Mondays do not end until 7pm at night, but I make sure to always make it to pilates. Even if i have to squeeze it in, it helps me to continue my day a little less stressed and with a more calming demeanor.

I would suggest this class to anyone. The instructor introduces exercises that I’ve never practiced before, and always makes sure to add a little twist to the routine each time.

Looking for some stress reduction? Get to mat pilates!


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