Favorite Place

Dimension: Environmental
Activity: Take a picture of my favorite place on UND Campus
Wednesday, February 16th at 7:00 pm

Well I decided I was going to take a picture of my favorite places.  I know it is supposed to be just one, but for me there was more than one.  The first is the bridge across from Twamley Hall and the other the fireball that is always lit beside Twamley.  I almost forgot about this event on the Pursuit of Wellness, but I had to walk to this bridge as this is where I would go especially in the summer to relax or clear my head.  It is a breath-taking scene especially in the nights with the lights all on.  Even this night, the snow on the grass and over the river running through was soft and calming.  In the daytime (if there are no mosquitoes in the summer) it would be a beautiful view of the lush grass, water fountain and water fall.

The fireball, I think is a unique piece of art that I didn’t really take close notice of until this particular night.  What I hadn’t noticed was the carvings of persons on the metal framework which I thought made it even more appealing.  For me, it was an appreciation of what is around me!


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