What faith ??? Whose faith???

Dimension: Spiritual
Activity: Interfaith Week Fair at the Ballroom Memorial Union
Wednesday, February 1st at 1:15pm

When I entered the room I really didn’t know what to expect as I had no idea of what faiths are located in my nearby surroundings.  As I moved from table to table, I listened, asked questions and realized there were some beliefs that I had never heard of namely, Unitarian Universalists which believes in no hell but one true God (NOT TRINITY), Quakerism, Baha’is, ‘Free thinkers’ otherwise known as Secular Student Alliance and the Labyrinth.  Amongst them were also Lutherans, but I did not really know what their beliefs were either.  I took pamphlets from each of these tables, not because I would want to change my belief, but because I was curious to know and knowledge is POWER!!.  Through the understanding of all these other faiths, it has reaffirmed my belief that the Bible is truth, but don’t get me wrong…I value the experience, as it also allows me to NOT behave ignorantly towards individuals of other faiths and I am better able to communicate much more effectively with them!


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