NDMoA: The Birds

Dimension: Intellectual

Activity: Visit the ND Museum of Art

Saturday, January 28th at 3:00 PM

The activity was to visit the ND Museum of Art to visit the winged shadows life among birds exhibit.
This was just a right nudge for me to visit ND Museum for the first time in my second year here at
UND. Since, the only reasonable meaning that I could draw from the exhibition’s title was birds; I did
not have many expectations besides the fact that I will be seeing things related to birds. I was right!
The exhibition was filled with photographs and paintings of different kind of birds. The first thing that
caught my eyes was this magnificent white thing which resembled a dress which I later found out to be
a bird’s nest. Various paintings of Kingfisher trying to eat “heartless” fisherman were trying to convey
the message of Karmic cycle. My personal favorites were Rebecca Norris-Webb’s “Havana, Cuba” and
Walton Ford’s “ Swadeshi – Cide”. The little notes on Walton Ford’s paintings were another fun thing
to read while admiring his paintings. While visiting this exhibition I had no thoughts expect of the birds
in the paintings. This helped me unwind and provided me with an opportunity to learn little more about
various birds.


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