Gospel Concert … off the chain!!

Dimension: Intellectual
Activity: Gospel Concert
Thursday, February 2nd at 6:00 pm

This concert was CRAZY good !! For those who have never been to one you definitely missed out.  The choir was from Gospel Outreach Ministries here in GF and their voices were amazing!  In the midst of glorifying God in songs, there were also testimonies which were uplifting, realizing the very fact that we are alive, lets you know that it is a blessing as many didn’t wake up this morning and some could not function as they would want to.  But they gave us a mixture of songs that were sung from ‘back in the day’ namely ‘God is a good God‘ up to some of the most modern namely ‘For your glory, I will do anything’.  All of these songs were written out of persons’ experiences and it meant something.  So when it is sung, its underlying meaning has a positive and spiritual impact when applied to one’s life, and gives reassurance and comfort.  As it is also BLACK HISTORY MONTH, it made me understand that out of the suffering of our black race songs were created and the church was a place of safety and encouragement for those who were oppressed.  It was soothing to the soul and also edifying, I DO NOT regret attending.


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