Emotional – meditation

Dimension: Emotional

Activity:  Attend Insight Meditation at the Lotus Meditation Center

Monday, January 30, 2012 at 5 PM

The activity I chose for today was to attend the Insight Meditation session.  I have always been interested in meditation, and learning more about it, so the idea of this activity intrigued me.  During the meditation, we were guided a little bit through a 25 minute long session of silent sitting.  I learned a fair bit about how to just let thoughts come and go, and ended up thoroughly relaxed by the end of the session.  At first, my mind was antsy and all over the place, but then I started to focus on my breath, and I imagined myself on the beach, with the waves washing on shore in time with my breath.. It was quite relaxing.  Then when I noticed a pain in my shoulder, I remembered a technique I had learned in my research about either meditation or yoga (I don’t recall which), where you focus on each body part individually and just imagine the muscles relaxing with each breath you take.. By the time I went from my feet to my face, I was 100% relaxed.

I feel so invigorated and relaxed; I feel like this will help me calm my mind as well as find more happiness in my life by focusing on the positives and being more calm and less stressed.  I definitely plan on incorporating this activity into my week!  Every Monday at 5, you can find me at the Lotus Meditation Center!

Oh! And I won an awesome COEXIST T-shirt for attending an Interfaith Week event!  Makes it even better than it would have been otherwise! =)


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