Dimension: Occupational

Activity:  Attend Team Wellness Recruitment at the Wellness Center

Wednesday, January 18, 2012 at 5 PM

The activity for today was to attend the Team Wellness Recruitment at the Wellness Center.  Honestly, this was just lucky for me, because I was planning to attend this event anyways.   I find myself with some extra time these days, and typically visit the Wellness Center every day anyways, so I feel like I might as well get a job there!  Prior to the recruitment I felt pretty excited to learn more about the opportunities available.  The activity itself was interesting; I really enjoyed Carrie’s presentation.  It was informative about the entirety of Team Wellness, and the positions that are available.  I have to admit the video that was included was very touching.  After the event I talked with the young lady who was there to represent the Culinary Corner, and feel like that would actually be a pretty awesome place to work.  This weekend I plan on writing my cover letter and resume so that I can apply!  It sounds so perfect for me:  I love to cook, I like to cook for other people, and it would be a fun interactive activity.

I find that when I am always busy, I am more productive, so taking on the added responsibility of a job such as working in the Culinary Corner at the Wellness Center would be beneficial.  Plus, working at the Wellness Center would further motivate me to work-out and eat healthy every day, which would make me a happier, more focused person which would benefit my academic success.

(Also, for the record, I posted this earlier.. I was just confused about how to post for the Pursuit of Wellness!)


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