Intellectual – Life Among Birds

Dimension: Intellectual

Activity: Attend the Winged Shadow: Life Among Birds exhibit at the Museum of Art

Saturday, January 28th, 2012 at approximately 3:17 PM

The activity for Saturday was to attend the art exhibit at the Museum of Art on campus.  I had never been there but have wanted to go, so this was a prime opportunity!  I was also quite excited, because I am a bit of a self-proclaimed bird-nerd, so the exhibit was perfect for me and I probably would have gone even if it weren’t for the Pursuit of Wellness..  I found the exhibit interesting, I especially liked the screen printed photographs on the fabric.. I thought those were neat.   Some of the paintings were fascinating, albeit a little disturbing… What I took out of it is that humans, particularly fishermen, are harming the birds.. The birds in the painting were harming the fishermen… The paintings depicted the birds eating, or otherwise eating the humans.. Bizarre, but point made (and excellent paintings as well).  Overall, this activity was well worth my time, and I will be checking out other exhibits at the Museum of Art throughout the semester.

Furthermore, I have been inspired to start painting again.. Always good to find inspiration!


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