Altru’s Pursuit of Wellness: Intellectual and Evironmental

Dimension: Environmental

Activity: Visit the ND Museum of Art -Winged Shadows Life Among Birds Exhibit

Date: 1/27/12

The challenge that I chose to do today was to go to the Art Museum on the University of North Dakota’s campus to visit the Winged Shadows Life Among the Birds Exhibit. When I first got to the museum, I really didn’t know what to expect. The painting were really fun to look at. Some of the pictures I had to spend extra time looking at since they would have so much detail and many different aspects to the paintings. There were several pictures that a giant bird with a fisherman in its mouth. I thought those were very interesting to see, maybe birds are better fisherman than humans are. Another aspect of the exhibit that I found interesting was the fish nets filled with a bunch of electronics, it made me think of how human technology is destroying our natural environment. I really enjoyed going to the museum.


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