Body Image

Dimension: Emotional
Activity: Meet, Eat & Learn at the International Center
Wednesday, January 25th at 12:00pm

This was a presentation by Mary Askim-Lovseth on how body image is perceived and what influences those perceptions.  I really liked the fact that she did not only concentrate on how media alone affects one’s body image, but how we ourselves as individuals have our own ‘ideal’ or may I say ‘perfect look’ that we consider ourselves to have.  One thing really stood out to me is when it was asked how many persons in the room love their body, it may have been a mere 2 or 3 (myself not included) out of a group of at least 25 persons. That made me think!!  At the end of this meeting what I realized is this:

No one can love me if I don’t love myself, and it really doesn’t matter what others think, it all comes down to what I think…I have the last say, I determine who I am and where I am heading, I determine my happiness and I decide to be happy with who I am and what I look like.  I will strive to be better on my own terms!!


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