Before I Die: Emotional

Dimension: Emotional

Activity: Before I Die

Date: January 25th 2012

I went to the Student Involvement center yesterday to write on the “Before I Die” chalkboard. This was the first wristband I was going to earn so I was a little unsure about the process but the girl at the help desk was very friendly and made sure to point me in the right direction.

There were a lot of goals and dreams written up on the board, a lot more then I thought there would be. It was a little overwhelming reading all the things that my peers hope to do sometime in their life time. I have a few things that I would love to achieve in my life but I had to think of the top one. I chose “To travel through Europe.” I feel like its something that a lot of people have as a goal but even if its not original its something that I would love to do in my life. My ancestors are from England and Ireland so it would be fun to see those countries, and also to see Italy, Greece and Spain. I would want to make sure that I could go to each country for an extended amount of time so I could really soak everything up.

The “Before I Die” board was really inspiring to see all the goals everyone has and wishes to achieve. I think that being a student and having the pressure to graduate as soon as possible can get to us and make us forget what life is really all about. Having an education and a job are very important things but if we aren’t emotionally happy with our lives we cant expect to be our full potential.


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