UND H/W Dimensions-Spiritual

Dimension: Spiritual
Activity: Contribute to “Before I Die” Project
Wednesday, January 25th

I earned my FIRST wristband today by going to the Student Involvement Office and writing my “Before I Die” goal on the blackboard made by STLF. I probably would have written on the wall either way because a good friend of mine is a Chapter Core member (and I know others as well), and I have also traveled with STLF to New Orleans and Chicago for tours! (Both were AWESOME.)

I have a long bucket list, but 2 I have wanted to do the most. I was trying to decide which one to put, and then I saw that someone had put ‘Ride in a Hot Air Balloon’ (which was one) so I just wrote “x2” next to it, and posted my ALL-TIME goal: ‘To be an extra in a movie’. As I was leaving, a friend of mine told me he had watched what I wrote, and told me how his grandfather was an extra in Jaws! TOO COOL! It was really interesting to see what other people wrote, and a lot of people had the same goals…Maybe we could carpool…..



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