Salvation Army- Environmental

Dimension: Environmental
Activity: Donate to Salvation Army, Goodwill, or any community food pantry
Saturday, January 21st

As I pulled out my ‘extreme winter gear’ this past Saturday morning, I began to go through my closet to find the items that I no longer need and others might find use for. I realized the amount of scarves, sweatshirts, etc.. I no longer wore and it felt good to clear out some room at my house. Even more, it felt better to donate the items to the salvation army on the south end of town. Donating items I no longer need is a good way to “recycle” clothes and help others out. Clearing out my closet also made me realize how much I had that I selfishly hoarded :). It was an eye-opener and I definitely will not be shopping for a while. It also made me consider other things to donate more than clothes.


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