Online Health Screening

Dimension: Emotional

Activity: Complete an online health screening

Thursday, January 19th, at 12:15

The activity assignment was to complete an online mental health screening and turn in your completion page to the Health and Wellness Resource Office in the Union. I was looking forward to doing this because my undergrad focus was in sociology and psychology, so I’m into doing exams and quizzes related to that field. The screening was really quick and easy to take, and allowed you to choose from various topics such as drinking, stress, eating disorders, and others. I chose stress (because law school is stressful!), but thankfully I came out with manageable levels/no anxiety issues. All the questions were simple multiple choice questions or questions where you vote on a range of options (agree – disagree, etc). I felt that some of the screening questions were a little obvious, but that may be due to my background in the area.

Keeping tabs on the emotional dimension of wellness is really important, because your mental health is just as important as your physical health. Stress can trigger a lot of negative reactions in your body, as well as other negative behaviors, so screening for areas to adjust is very beneficial. The U has many options for students who need guidance with emotional and mental health issues, and finding a healthy emotional balance will help students focus on their studies and enjoy life as much as possible.


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