Before I Die Project

Dimension: Spiritual

Activity: Contribute to the “Before I Die” Project

Friday, January 20th All Day

The activity was to go to the Student Involvement Office in the Memorial Union and contribute to the “Before I Die” Project.  I didn’t know what this project was when I first went to the Union.  When I walked into the Involvement I saw a huge chalkboard with numerous items that would be on a bucket list or something that people want to do before they die.  It was really interesting to see some of the items on the big chalkboard.  I knew that some of the items were people just trying to be funny, but a majority of them were pretty serious and items that I wanted to complete as well in my lifetime.  I read the entire board and it was great to see people’s goals and to contribute to the project.  I hoped to learn how to surf and go to Australia one day.  It was also great to see almost the entire board full of people’s ideas.


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