Alice’s Emotional Pursuit To Wellness

January 19, 2012 ~ Emotional Pursuit to Wellness


My name is Alice Taylor and I have started my Pursuit to Wellness today.  I chose to complete the online mental health screening and turn it into the H&W office in the Union.  Surprisingly, I was very optimistic before I completed the screening but when I got my results I was confused.  The results page had, written at the top of the page, Bipolar Disorder.  As I read on it said that my responses are NOT consistent with someone who is Bi-polar and if I needed counseling services to contact the counseling office at UND (I would do later that day).  That threw me for a loop but I decided to stay optimistic and move on.  I chose to contact the counseling office due to some stressors I have in my life right now with the hopes of finding better ways to combat the stressors.  What a coincidence!  On a final note:  Altru’s Pursuit of Wellness gave me the push to do what I have been pondering the past few weeks (contacting counseling services).  I have learned to try new things and not be afraid.  You never know what you may find.

~ Alice Taylor


About alicetaylor1

I am currently a student @ UND. I was born and raised in California and my heart will forever be in California. I am on track to graduate Summer 2013 with a Bachelors in Social Work and am excited to begin a career in Social Work.

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