What happened to the Christ in Christ-mas?

You know that lady who is behind you in a long line who complains the whole time about how some other lady cut her off and she was so ticked that she almost “dumped my whole caret on her!”? 

You know the family who is already complaining and bickering to you about how someone else in the family did whatever insignificante thing that of course was some sort of personal attack and you, of course, are the one who gets to hear it all? 

You know the family member (or members) who make you feel like you have to get them something for Chrass yet you know when it comes time to open gifts they won’t give you anything?  Oh, and then later that same weekend, or trip or whatever, they also comment about how “Oh, I always buy for you.” HUH?

You know that family who doesn’t show up to the family Christmas because it takes the kids so long to open presents in the morning and then they want to play with their toys…so they’re not coming? 

You know that college student who spends their savings (Haha!  What’s that for a student?!) to travel back home only to feel like it was only to be greeted with stress? 


I am not sure what it is this year, but more so than any other Christmas I’ve had in the past, I have not seen our community with extra smiles on their faces, kind gestures, and an overall sence of giving and love. 

I have seen greed, selfishness, anger even, and for those who celebrate the true root of Christmas (or any holiday around this time of year) is really all about. 

Isn’t Christmas supposed to be a time for Christians to remeber what truly happened that night long ago? 

How would you react if you had a dream in which God spoke to you (that alone is enough to freak anyone out, if you ask me) and shared that YOU would be the mother of HIS child?

What about if your girlfriend ended up pregnant all of a sudden yet still claims her virginity? Would you stick by her side?  And if you did, would you believe that the little boy she gives birth to is actually the Son of God?

Would listen (even just listen) to an angel to tells you that the Son of God will be born of a virgin tonight?  Would you follow that agel as she sets out in the correct direction, turning into a star to follow?  Would you too stop and gather gifts, believing that what the scripture says is indeed finally coming to be, that Christ, the prophet who has been promised has finally arrived?  Would you then set out, traveling miles to see this baby that and angel shared waould be born tonight?  Would you trust one single, bright star, to lead you exactly where you needed to be?  When you finally arrived and found Mary, who claims to be a virgin, has just given birth to a little boy that this baby is indeed the one who would change our world forever? 

What if you were Mary?  How would you raise this child, this Son of God?

What would you do if you were born the son or daughter of God?  Do you think Christ knew who He was before He was born?  When did He know? 


Isn’t Christmas about believing that what happened that night, the experiences of each of these holy people was indeed a reality.  Isn’t it a time to think about and remember the life Christ lived and what we now have because He was born? 

More than anything, I hate that I have to ask…. what happened to the Christ in Christmas? 


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