I CAN Prevent Diabetes…my story


I am giddy like a school girl, happy as a lark. My eyes are twinkling and my like has a spark! (not bad for a 53 year old) I’ve met my 16 week goal of 210 pounds in 7 weeks!! Life changes, I just finished seeing my nurse practitioner for the lovely annuals that us women need to have and she did a “happy dance” why? Because she’s known me at my heaviest and saddest and this today yes today was the first day she saw me giggle. She saw me colorful. She saw that life is in me again so look out world, here I come!

Tonight I “weigh in” on the Prevent Diabetes scale and will see if that scale matches the one in the doctor’s office. I underestimated the amount of time that I am able and willing to devote to exercise. In a week I thought it was 230 minutes (group goal was 150 minutes per week), NOT! I exercise an average of 450 minutes. It feels so good! I get up early, go to the “Y” by 5:30 am, exercise solo or in groups until 6:45 am, shower and off to work.

Alive, well, and energized. – Veronica


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  1. GO VERONICA, GO!!! I’m proud of you. Just think- all that extra happy dancing will also help sculpt some nice definition, too!! 😉 Keep it up. You’re inspiring!

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