Don’t forget your skis and skates!

The annual Ski UND/Late Night Skate event is approaching fast, beginning in the New Year

Every year the University of North Dakota holds the Ski UND/Late Night Skate program for students, faculty, and staff throughout the campus. The two events are approaching fast, beginning mid-January.

Ski UND kicks off with the “Ski with the Kelley’s” event on January 14 and will go every weekend until March 9 or when the snow melts. Late Night Skate will start January 13 and will go every weekend until the ice melts. There will also be an outdoor hockey tournament taking place on January 20-21. Anyone can sign up for the tournament, but there will be a maximum of 16 teams, each competing 4 v 4 on the ice.

Most importantly, don’t forget your gear! This is a good time to remind everyone going home for the holidays to bring their skis and skates back to UND before the spring semester begins again in early January.

Ski UND and Late Night Skate are sponsored by UND Student Government, Wellness Center, UND Alumni Association, SWAC, Ski & Bike Shop, UND Facilities, Night Life @ UND, Grand Forks Park District, and Hockey World.


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  1. So cool that you don’t even have to leave campus to have an amazing outdoor experience. The skis are free, the trails are just the right challenge and length and this year they are going to expand to offer skate skiing. Yahoo!

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