So what do you do when you walk into work, a public building, one which is supposed to be accepting and inviting to all, and see a big beautiful Christmas tree?  And what do you do when your heart warms because celebrating the birth of Christ is one of the most amazing and deeply intimate things you have or ever will experience yet understand that a Christmas tree alone does not show acceptance of all?  How do you advocate for the other while you are the majority and you do not want your own celebration to be stifled, questioned, or even- selfishly –shared?

How do you advocate for a belief you do not believe in?

How do you get through Christmas, when to you it is core to who you are while your family is wrapped up in gluttony, complaint, self-centeredness, and arguments?

Would you marry or commit yourself fully to someone for life who does not share the same spiritual beliefs as you? 

How would you raise a child while you have fiercely strong spiritual beliefs yet also feel strongly about wanting that child to choose for themselves what they believe in terms of spirituality?  How would you cope if your child doesn’t believe what you believe in?

How do you fight for the legalization of same sex civil unions, and all other rights opposite sex partners have which same sex partners do, while you believe in a spirituality whose standpoint on same sex relationships is one you don’t fully understand- probably never will?

How do you keep God out of the work place when God is what gets you through your job? 

How do you balance your role as a supervisor and your role as a fellow Christian when your employee brings up God in the mix of work? 

What do you do when God answers prayers you’ve prayed all your life with something the Bible is unclear about or, better yet, something it is seemingly against? 

How do you know when the Holy Spirit is guiding you and when you are hoping that it is? 

How do you deal with loss when you believe that if an individual does not believe that Christ is the only son of God, born of the virgin Mary, suffered, died on the cross for our sins, was buried and rose from the dead, and has not accept Christ into their life, that they will indeed go to hell, when you have no idea if the person you lost believed or not? 

How do you deal with the idea that anyone you have cared about could be in hell? 

Do you tell anyone if you have dreams that then come true?  What do you do when you dream something like an accident or a death and have no clue if it was just a dream of if it’s something that will happen? 

Where is the line between sharing what you believe with someone and telling them what you think they should believe?  


We are asked to walk by faith, not by sight.  But let me ask you this, which do you follow?  Which do you want to follow?


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