Are you ready?

This question keeps ringing in my head tonight…

Think about when you might hear this question. Before getting a shot, taking a test, competing in a big event… and pretty much most other things that make me feel like I’m going to throw up from nervousness come to mind for me.

And, according to the Little Doubter, or for the sake of having some fun in this blog I’ll call her Little D, inside of me the answer is always “NO!

Could you imagine how your life would be if you actually listened?

Today alone, Little D would’ve kept me from:

  • getting out of bed
  • driving in busy traffic (remember my accident?)
  • making a phone call
  • going to a class at the Wellness Center
  • finishing a class at the Wellness Center
And in my life, if Little D won every battle in my mind:
  • I would probably be well over 400 pounds
  • I wouldn’t be able to say I have been white water rafting, climbed  the side of a mountain, or traveled to fun and interesting places
  • going to college and making it through? HA.
  • there’s no way I’d love my job SO much.
  • my list of friends would be alarmingly small
  • life would be… DULL.
The truth is that it’s hard to take risks sometimes. It’s scary to think about doing something we’ve never done or we’re not used to doing. But in those moments, we grow and we learn.
When I first started Weight Watchers, we had to find a quote to help us out when we needed an extra lift. Here was one of mine:
“One does not discover new continents without consenting to lose sight of the shore for a very long time.” ~Andre Gide
Little did I know that fateful Monday night, I was about to start a lifelong journey to living healthier. I had no clue it would be- both then and now- SO challenging. But it’s been a great challenge; one that has helped to shape me into someone that is less afraid to take chances andhave confidence in my abilities.
No matter what it is that you need to overcome, know that you have the power to get started and get through it. I didn’t get to 300 pounds over night, and I didn’t lose it that quickly either. But I took it one day at a timeone obstacle at a time, and made it.
And now I must press on with that same mindset, quieting Little D when she tries to get in my way.
I challenge you to do the same.
When did you take a positive risk that helped you overcome a challenge in your life?

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I empower women to overcome food obsessions with sensible solutions based on personal experience.

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