A Day Of…

Do you take one day a week just for you?

Pretty much everyone that I know will say no, they don’t.  While certain religions and other forms of spirituality “requre” that you take a day of rest, and research itself shows that when we take time for life balance we not only perform better but live healthier lives, we still don’t follow this researched and spiritual (take your pick) suggestion.  In fact, many work at least 16 hours a day. Because consider, our time at our job is not just the time we send working.  What about those you take care of? What about the house work? Fueling up your vehicle? You get he point.  Are you a student?  That adds a whole other level- time in class, time doing homework, studying, and the list goes on and on and on. 

What would happen if you took one night a week and vowed to not do any “work”? How would your life be affected?  Maybe that one night is your time to veg out and watch that thing called the TV.  Maybe you have a date night every Friday night, where you and your partner or even just you and a friend or group of friends focus just on eachother.  Maybe it’s allowing yourself to sleep in and be lazy until noon.  Read for fun, go for a run, write or simply listen to the ran or go out and play in the snow.  Maybe it is your time to stay or get back into the habit of worship and devotion.  Or your time to give back to others. 

For me, without this time, I do not function well in any aspect of my life and it does not take long for me to struggle to find happiness.  What would this time do for you?


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