Pilates with a Punch

Two weeks ago I started Reformer Pilates at the Wellness Center.  Admittedly, the first time I got on the machine (the “Reformer”) I couldn’t help but giggle at how reminiscent the motions were of those I had seen demonstrated by Christie Brinkley and Chuck Norris in their “Total Gym” infomercials.  But then I thought, those two are way past middle-aged and undoubtedly in better shape than I am- so I settled in and set my sights on longer, leaner muscle mass.  So far, I am pleasantly surprised with the low-impact abdominal, arm, and leg workouts that leave me shaking long after I’ve left the WC… Maybe by the time these six weeks are over, I’ll be posing as seamlessly as the guru pictured above.  Sans the Speedo.


About fitjustice

Second year law student chipping away at total wellness one dimension at a time.

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  1. At least your goal is measurable, attainable, and realistic! I’ll send the Pilates instructor a memo of where you would like to be in 6 weeks!

  2. Oh we will definitely be able to work towards this! It’s just a more advanced version of the star that we did last week on our knees. We’ll get there! 🙂

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